ive just found an a whole artical confirming miley and liams marriage it was in this weeks issue of STAR

Miley Cyrus: Moving Too Fast?
they've only been dating a few months, But miley is ready to wed!

Miley cyrus is so in love with co-star Liam Hemsworth that she's planning to marry him - even though she's only known him 10 months! "she's convinced she'll spend the rest of her life with him," says a source about the teenager's surprising determination to get married this year. " she's talking about a wedding as she turns 18. shes even asked her mom if she can wear her wedding dress" " he is awsome'" Miley gushed about her 20 year old beau during an appearence on jimmy kimmel live. "we hang out almost everyda. He's almost become like my best friend." in face she is so serious about liam that she even flew out to australia to meet his family.

Mileys previous relationship to Justin Gaston ended just days before Miley arrived on the set of the last song on tybee Island, heartbroken "how many tears are in there? they've gotta run out soon right?" she tweeted last june. Liam however made Miley quickly forget her broken heart. as the only 2 teenagers among the main cast of the last song, they started spending hours together, both on and off set. "we were each other's only friends down there. we shot every day together, hung out on weekends. we became quiet close," Liam tells holly wood star. " i dont know if there was a specific point when we fell in love," he adds. "it was gradual, we were together, and loved being together."

after filming wrapped, the couple atayed close, often eating at their favourite sushi restaurant in Toluca Lake, Calif., several times a week. "usually theres so much drama with couples that age, but with miley and liam its pretty smooth sailing" says the source. "They're really supportive of each other and they don't compete. you can tell that they are totally in love." but can their love last? while miley is certain she has found "the one" her parents dont want her to rush into marraige. " miley is very impetuous, and because she has been treated like an adult for so long she thinks she can make adult desicions. shes so crazy about liam that she thinks the next logical step is marriage" explains the source. " but her parents just dismiss this as a joke"

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