11th May 2023 from TwitLonger


Game 2 on Split reaches 10-4, a technical pause was called, we sat around for 10-20minutes before the initial complain was told to us ( the camera we used on 9-4 ), we had no issues with that since it was a very commonly used camera and its legal in certain VCTs, we respected the TOs decision to rollback to 9-4 and play on, 30 minutes later, there was another issue raised ( the camera on 5-3 ), this camera as its not the same camera as the bugged camera as we can't turn it towards the spawn. Indo then demanded for a 5-3 rollback, saying that the admins told them privately regarding certain cameras that can't be used(the screenshots of the discord conversations between the admin and team indonesia), we were not informed of such information, the only information conveyed and was public to us was the rulebook and exploit list, which we did double check and did not specify both the 5-3 cam and 9-4 cam. The rulebook states that as long as the camera is viewable and able to be destroyed by both teams it is legal, furthermore according to the rulebook, the penalty depends if the bug had an impact on the round. The camera on 5-3 did not impact the round as it was broken almost immediately and indo subsequently won the round. We sat around from 7pm to 12:51am, we were then told that the final decision by the TOs and SEA GAMES Technical Officers was to replay from 9-4, we agreed and Indonesia was given 1 hour to get into the lobby to play the game out, at 1:51am, they were given a final 10minute countdown to get into the lobby to play, but there was more and more people coming onto the arena area shouting and protesting demanding for another decision, we waited out and was told that they had another 2 hours to make another "final final" decisions by the SEA GAMEA jury, at 4am we received the final decision and that was to play the game from 5-5 as we would roll the game back to 5-3 and receive a penalty for using a "bug", we then went back to the hotel at approximately 430am and agreed to be back on stage by 8am to play from 5-5. At 8am we went back to the stage and finished setting up and by 8:50 we received news that the Indonesia team has decided to forfeit as they wanted us to be disqualified/forfeit map 2/ to uphold their national dignity, from 9am to 11am we were waiting for the medal ceremony to happen but we received another dispute that we had two final choices, either to accept the joint gold medal or be stuck in Cambodia for another week to wait for the result of the dispute as we have no other flights back to Singapore.

Just take this into perspective,

We had 3 female handlers, Indo had their whole council and committee protesting. We played by the rules that were conveyed to us, none of us wanted an outcome like this. GGWP to all the teams that participated, it was fun while it lasted.

We came in with a day of practice, still proud of what we achieved regardless.

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