Kyle Wilson · @swaggyavi

7th May 2023 from TwitLonger

Moving On.

It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing my retirement from Counter Strike, I made a lot of great friends and did some great things over the years. However everything must eventually come to an end, and I believe this is the correct time for me to move on from the game, and start my career in the tech world, having already started a full time job in early May.

Unfortunately, I have not really enjoyed playing the game recently, and my heart has not been in the game, and I can't find that drive that I used to have anymore. Whether this is just from burnout or I have simply moved on mentally, I can't say for sure currently, maybe you'll see me in CS2, but more likely that not, I don't see myself returning.

Want to say that I really appreciate all the organisations I've played for over the years, Fierce, Chetz & most recently GEEKZ, who I apologise to over this situation and only have good words for their support and hospitality. And a thank you to all who have supported me over the years, anyone who has rooted for me. And especially a thank you to all the people I've became really good friends with, and those who have massively impacted my life both inside the server and as a person, @_harleyrm @entzCSGO , @jeyncsgo , @ping_men , @totung_cs , @ziggyUKCS , @truthcsgo_ , @addiiCSGO , @mythixofficial , @phzycs , @grimyrannarr , @heartlesmain , @tvscsgo , @gaborikCSGO , @emincsgo .

I will give my all for the rest of the season and finish it GEEKZ, but after that I'll be shifting my focus to my life outside of Counter Strike. See you around.

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