Regarding the statement

Hello everyone, this is Isla Coleman.

I'm not good at talking about serious stuff, but I think it’s important for me to come forward with my perspective on what’s been going on. I’ve spent nearly two years as part of Production Kawaii, and while I’ve had so many amazing experiences, this is something that’s been weighing me down for quite some time now.

I may not say it often, but I do care about my fans. I’ve opened up to you and talked about so many things, and I expected my feelings to be respected. But to know some of these people who’ve called themselves my fans have pried into my personal business, ignoring boundaries that I’ve very clearly established, and causing problems for me and the people I care about, is a breach of that very trust I’ve placed in them.

I put in a lot of work to make my streams a positive environment so everyone can have fun together, but dealing with this invasion of my right to my privacy has made it difficult for me to keep smiling through it, even when I have so many things to be happy and excited about. I want my community to be a safe place for all of you to be in, as well as for me to interact with. As a creator, I’m entitled to my personal life and there are things that I am not obligated to share while I am in Kawaii. I’m very disappointed that these “Coleknights”, whose names and contributions I remember from my chat and community, have been sharing my personal information like it’s a trophy to be proud of, when in reality it has greatly impacted my mental wellbeing.

I want to enjoy myself and my time with all of you. I can only hope that going forward, we can build a community filled with mutual understanding and respect. I’d like to put this behind me and bring you all joy with my content, and I hope you’ll understand the measure that I’ll be taking to ensure I and my audience can feel safe and happy.

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