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14th Apr 2023 from TwitLonger

MXM Niko

I just wanted to post this after seeing my boyfriend go through the most stressful weeks of his life, and I believe he deserves some recognition and support alongside the 5 girls on MXM. Knowing him, he will never ask for anything or let anyone know how much he has worked so I wanted to post this.
My boyfriend has worked under CLG for about a year now, and has always tried to go above and beyond as a assistant coach/head coach.
While flying to the CLG bootcamp in LA, he was informed while he was in the air that he has been moved into the head coach position without any preparation. He spent the rest of the flight typing notes on how he wanted to approach things and how he wanted to try and support the girls as much as he could while there. He went through this stressful transition with the girls at MXM without any recognition, and it makes me really sad :l

He has been working 17 hour days in the facility every day for the past two weeks during bootcamp to try and help the girls as much as he can throughout this stressful transition, and also working even more after returning to the hotel. He never got recognition once as the casters kept mentioning the wrong name. SIGN NIKO AS A COACH HE CARES A LOT ABOUT HIS PLAYERS AND HIS TEAM, and is also the hardest worker I've ever seen.

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