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12th Apr 2023 from TwitLonger

I'm Sorry

Before i get started i want to apologise for my actions recently. My content has always been about comedy and jokes but my jokes have become too edgy and too far and I’m sorry for those who got offended and hurt, it was never my true intentions.

For context, I had made 3 tiktoks recently that was focused on the operator Castle.

Tiktok 1: I was filming a tiktok challenge that was “Kiss, Marry, Avoid”. When it got around to avoid I chose Castle and stated “I mean it’s quite obvious why, it’s because his bla-… black ices aren’t the greatest”

Tiktok 2: I did a tiktok challenge where I had to name an operator as quickly as possible based on the random letter that appeared on screen. ie. L for Lion or Lesion etc. The letter N appeared on screen and I stated “Castle”

Tiktok 3: I was eating a banana and used a random operator filter to see who I was gonna play on that day and Castle appeared, I slowly glanced over at my banana.

I will be honest, I knew what I was doing when it came to those challenges and knew the joke that I was about to make.
My intent was to never be taken literally or promote racism in anyway but now looking back, that’s kinda what I did so I apologise. My main objective was to be edgy and make people laugh but I now realise that my attempt on humour may come across as insensitive and offensive, for that I am truly sorry. I don’t stand for racism or any discrimination of any kind. I have seen comments floating around that, despite defending me, I don’t stand by. For example comments like “you’ve clearly never been in a ranked match before”. Which I want to state, that I now understand that the content I make can reflect on the way that people treat other people and that it’s not okay to behave as such. It shouldn’t work like that but I now realise that is how it works and that I do have an influence on people.

Sorry for those who I hurt, I will be more careful with my words and become a better person, we move forward and remember that no matter who you are, who you identify as, who you want to be, that you are amazing and loved.

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