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6th Apr 2023 from TwitLonger

My future

I want to start off by saying that with the recent news involving CLG, I’m now officially a free agent alongside my teammates. I’m open to other offers in the scene including any mixed teams. But my main focus is continuing with my current team and finding a new home together.

Speaking upon CLG, I wanna say that it’s been an honor to represent such a prestigious organization that’s paved the way for women long before I came around. Every single person involved in that org deserves so much better than this. Truly hardworking, talented, loyal, kind people that put their heart and souls into building the brand that CLG was. And as soon as I signed to CLG I realized it was more than that, it was truly a family. I’ve never felt more welcomed to be myself, or supported to grow myself as a person/player. I’ll always remember CLG as my first home, the place that turned my dreams into reality, and for that I am eternally grateful. Just because I am no longer a part of CLG doesn’t mean I won’t carry the CLG Red mission throughout the rest of my career. I plan to continue to inspire women in the community and show them they’re accepted for who they are. And I hope to one day inspire and show everyone that women can compete at high levels amongst men in the industry.

And my teammates, more so family to me than just teammates. No matter what happens they are a truly talented group of individuals that will accomplish so much in their careers. So dedicated and eager to learn, they always strive be better each day. I am hoping we get to stick it out together and find a new home as we have so much unfinished business.

For now I’ll be focusing on the rest of Impact S3 and competing in Dallas with the squad. We still got a trophy to lift. I’ll probably be grinding twitch more as well as FPLC.

To everyone that has been a piece in my story I appreciate every single one of you. To everyone that supports me I love every single one of you. And to my family especially, you guys keep me going every day. I wouldn’t be here without you. Love all of you guys.

- madss ❤️

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