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6th Apr 2023 from TwitLonger

Stepping away from Competitive

(TLDR at Bottom)

Where do I begin?

I will be stepping away from competitive Apex (meaning that I will also leave E6 effective immediately). The main reason for this is short and simple, I currently can't keep competing since I myself am bleeding money. It's no wonder that at some point it had to come down to this and I am beyond sad that life hit me right in this moment before I felt like I could show everyone what I was capable of. I won't go into specifics but majority of my career I've barely made enough to pay rent with my salary. I managed to stay afloat with savings I had from Overwatch and also the prize earnings I had over the years with Apex but now I've pretty much ran dry. All though I have the most supportive wife in the world, I simply can't continue to let her carry the burden alone. I am not sure if what I am saying makes sense but playing apex competitive and me giving it all, a lot of the times I play 8-12 hours of apex every day not counting vod reviewing and strategizing. I don't have the time to take care of my wife/dog and home as much as I'd want to due to clashing schedules (we typically sleep when the other one works). I am not bringing in anything financially which makes my life progression (wanting to own something as an example) not progress. While this might sound harsh on myself, if I am going to be unemployed at bare minimum I should be a good husband. Currently I cannot. My wife being the angel she is has obviously said that she would support me regardless of what I decide to do. Out of respect to her I will be stepping away from competitive since it's not sustainable for us currently and I will be taking up part time jobs for the moment to make ends meet while giving it a last big try to fully focus on streaming and content creation.

Joe and Winnie. Both my teammates have been nothing but hardworking and supportive throughout our short but sweet time. They're both amazing players capable of popping off (which they've already proven on LAN) and will stop at nothing to continue proving themselves. I am sure that regardless of who they pick up they will make some big noise!

E6. E6 has been nothing but supportive and understanding. When Winnie first told me it felt like family I was reluctant to believe him (being with many orgs that try to tell the same story) but they've shown nothing but just that, family. I am happy to have met all of them and I am sure that we will still see each other later down the road. Thank you for giving me the chance and believing in me despite our short time together.

Supporters/Fans. To all of you both old and new that have been supporting my journey since the beginning and also since joining E6. THANK YOU for supporting me for all of this time. I will not be disappearing but simply readjusting my priorities for something more sustainable. I will be going back to part time working while focusing on Streaming/Content creation for my next aspiration. I've since long put coaching/streaming/content on the shelf and it's time we dust that off and I'll be going all in!

I do have a hard time to put everything in writing as it's so many thoughts that come to mind. Feel free to ask anything about this or my future on my streams/dms anything for clarification.

TLDR; Stepping away from competitive due to financial struggles. Will be focusing on content creation and part time working. E6 has been wonderful. I love all of you. ❤️

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