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31st Mar 2023 from TwitLonger

probably won't attend the American RMR.

I will probably not be heading to Mexico for the American RMR, because of a mistake I made with my passport application, the mistake I made with my application was that I sent in a starter check to pay for the passport fees the government does not accept starter checks to pay for passport fees. I found this out on March 26th when I opened a letter in the mail saying

“Please submit the following
A check or order in X amount for passport fees and any special postage or expedited services that you requested. Temporary and starter checks are not acceptable for passport services.”

So I then went oops, because I knew I sent in a starter check and tried to find a solution to my problem. I first tried to call the National Passport Agency/State Department realizing it was Sunday the 26th and they were closed, I waited for Monday the 27th to call again to figure out the best way to proceed. I contacted someone at the state department and they tried their best to help me, they said mailing the correct check in is unlikely since it has to be shipped and processed in time so they sent an urgent notice to the passport agency and that if they do not contact me today call the passport agency tomorrow. Tuesday the 28th I called the passport agency I explained the situation and I was told mailing a check in probably wouldn't work for the same reason and that the best option would be to make an appointment. Now 3 problems I have with an appointment, 1. how does heading to an appointment help me make a payment in any way, if I have to go to Dallas for an appointment it still has to get shipped from Dallas and probably won't come in time. 2. If the point of the appointment was to have me reapply that doesn't matter because my birth certificate is in the state department with my original application and you need your birth certificate to apply for a passport. 3. There were simply no appointments. I believe there is very little chance of me going barring a miracle with state/district representatives, my teammates, Detonate, and Blast Premier were all informed of what was happening as the situation was ongoing.

I want to apologize to my teammates Brett (brett), Matt (cryptic), Adam (freshie), Keller (slight), and Josh (micks). I failed you all I should've known about the starter checks and honestly got a passport a year ago. I made a mistake and not only did it hinder me but all of you, again I'm truly sorry. I want to apologize to our manager Kari (@kariannntan) she made the process of getting my passport in time very easy and communicated with Blast Premier the whole time during this last week with the check situation, and the last month or so of me trying to get my passport. She essentially put in a lot of work that ended up not mattering because of the mistake I made again I'm sorry. I want to apologize to Levoski (@Levoski) Detonates owner he paid a sum of money for the fee of the third party we used to speed up the process of getting my passport, money that seems wasted, Im sorry Levoski I will make that right. Once again to you all, I'm sorry. I will get my passport it just won't come in time for this event, probably just gonna bake in depression for the a week pce.

TLDR: sent in the wrong type of check so the passport payment cant be processed no way to expedite the correct payment in time.

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