My experience with pB and the incompetence of ReactGG

As you have probably seen I, along with the entire roster have been released from Parabellum. I was personally notified a few days ago by Chris as this was our only option. Before I start this I want to assure that there is no ill words to say about Chris, Kyndal, or anyone at pB. My gripes and Transgressions are with the Publicly traded Company on the Toronto Stock Exchange, and 100% owner of pB, the React Gaming Group since they cannot pay people on time or at all!

pB was a small org called SXD when I joined and I have since seen it grow to a notable org with a devout R6 fan base and I was finally happy with the way things were going in SAM with RL. Since React had bought pB things have been slowly spiraling down hill. The players are owed 45 days worth of pay for RL. React has refused to give comments or any type of resolution on when it's coming.

To explain how the business side, Parabellum takes account of all the stuff that needs to be paid salary, Earnings, etc and sends that info up to React then React is supposed to properly pay the players on the agreed dates in all of pBs active contracts. Kyndal has been doing Parabellum's part of getting all of the numbers together for the various teams and sent them to react on time but React has on multiple occasions either paid ridiculously late or in this recent case not at all. The RL players are owed the entirety of February's pay plus half of March's pay. This has also happened after the Fall split to where Parabellum had to pay a late fee we wrote into our own contracts with the players because React was 3 weeks late on paying. In the one year I have been on payroll with Parabellum I have only been paid on time ONCE and that was due to Kyndal sending my payment request a week early.

Not paying people always causes outrage so I want to ensure there is no outrage thrown towards pB. As of February we were all told by React that React was in good economic standing. What has changed in 45 days? I have zero idea as they will not give a direct answer to anyone in pB.

I am truly gutted that 3 years of my life is gone. I spent much of that time willingly working for free before React as I was learning the business side. I am gutted that My players who deserve this pay more than anyone have been overseen like they are just numbers. I am gutted that React refuses to give a direct answer as to why finances are so hard to come by when they are publicly traded Company on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Just pay them. The contracts are in black and white and React owns 100% of pB so they are financially responsible.

Pay the players. Pay the back pay on members of staff who have not been properly reimbursed and are unable to speak.

As for the Roster I will be doing everything I possibly can to get them a good home these boys deserve every possible opportunity to show the world they are contenders

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