SKAI · @Skairipaow

15th Mar 2023 from TwitLonger

My response and apology to recent actions

I would like to express my sincerest apology for the language I used during a recent scrim block.

What I said is completely inexcusable and I greatly regret using this word with such carelessness. R*pe and s*xual ass*ult are very serious and I wholeheartedly am remorseful for the words I chose as they devalue and make light of an evil act that has affected many people's lives.

I also want to apologize for not having unfollowed Andrew Tate on Twitter, I 100% don't support what he stands for and he does not represent what I believe in. I have corrected this immediately and unfollowed him.

To those who have been hurt by my actions, I am sorry and I promise to make it up to you. I will work hard to become a better person and never ever use this kind of language again.

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