Statement: PSGL shortens current PC F1 season to 11 races

PSGL has taken the decision to shorten the current PC F1 season to just 11 races, rather than the original 14, amid the state of F1 22 and the community in general. It's been a very difficult few weeks for PSGL and the wider league racing scene given the wavering attendance figures combined with the various dramas, particularly associated with cheating.

While we could have pushed on with the scheduled 14 races, PSGL prides itself on having an elite top tier and having over 50% of the grid being drivers from F2/3 doesn't fit the whole premise of PC F1. Having spoken to a number of our F1 Esports drivers, the game isn't fun, over 10 drivers have already quit due to the game being boring plus the issues surrounding cheating have had a knock-on effect.

Thus, we have taken the decision into our own hands, to protect our top tier and have a strong final three races on F1 22. However, one point we'd like to address is 'why hasn't PSGL done anything about cheating if it has had an impact on participation and attendance'?

Perhaps some of you overstate PSGL's position in the community but quite simply, it's an issue for the authorities - F1, EA, Codemasters etc. - if professional drivers are indeed cheating.

A cop out? Not at all. We have no actual evidence to take any action plus, to our knowledge, all drivers are heavily monitored during the F1 Esports season, thus we trust the authorities and the professional drivers themselves.

Additionally, if the issue was dealt with properly during the F1 Esports season then the fall-out surrounding it would not be left on PSGL's door but F1/EA/Codemasters'. Understandably, drivers weren't allowed to speak about it during the F1 Esports season - so the pro championship was protected and its organisers avoided any criticism.

For PSGL, which is just a community league, drivers are free to do and say as they please. As a result it has had a damaging impact even though it is entirely out of our control.

We share the public's frustrations and concerns, and we hope F1 Esports returns to LAN for F1 23 and an anti-cheat is released for the new title. A final big thanks to all the drivers that have committed to PSGL during Season 32/33 despite their various gripes with the game.

To our fantastic commentators - George Morgan and Jack Cunnane - and the thousands of viewers that tune in every week - we love you all. We will be back on Wednesday nights for F1 23 - hopefully on a game that everyone genuinely enjoys playing.

Revised PC F1 calendar:

R9 - Mexico - March 15
R10 - Austria - March 22
R11 - Bahrain - March 29
- Season Ends -

The revised calendar for the other tiers will be released in due course.


Connor / BigC
PSGL owner

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