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13th Mar 2023 from TwitLonger

my thoughts on eden's betrayal, and the people involved in it.

When Eden was staying with me, she got into contact with Pocalyko and Cole through a real life friend, claiming that they could help her with the situation, and possibly even achieve immigration status. At first, I thought that it sounded too good to be true, but then it seemed after a while that things were starting to look up and maybe these people really did want to help her. One thing that I did find a little bit strange, however, was how I repeatedly asked eden to ask them if I could also be in contact with them, so that we were all on the same page as far as the plans went moving forward. This was very important to me, as I wanted to be sure that we are clearly had a timeline of events and how things were going to work out, but the option is really were, how we would achieve them, and if there was anything that my family could also be doing to help. Although she did ask for my involvement, they outright refused to allow me to be involved. They said that it was because the situation at hand was too complicated to involve other people and they didn't want to jeopardize any plans that could've happened. I really thought this was strange, because I was the one that was housing her at the time, and I felt obligated to be just as involved, not even just obligated, but I felt compelled to be just as involved with making sure that Eden was safe and in good hands moving forward. The other thing that I found very strange was whenever I would ask eden about the meetings that she would have after they happened, she just really told me that things that they had planned didn't make too much sense to her. i asked her about how they were planning to move her to DC, who she would be staying with, how she would continue to get HRT, if they were trying to go with the work visa route or making a case for asylum, but she didn't have these answers even after weeks of being in contact with them. I thought maybe that she was just very overwhelmed by everything that was happening and she couldn't quite articulate into words exactly what was going on, but that still didn't set quite right with me. I will say that despite this, I didn't get the impression that there was some thing nefarious happening in tandem, that there was an ulterior motive, I checked out Pocalyko's Twitter page but nothing beyond that and it seemed like he was just somebody who did pro bono work for immigrants, so I didn't think much of it in that way. One day she told me that they were going to finally meet her at the train station and she was on her way to DC. She seemed very excited and happy at this prospect so I figured things are probably working out then after all. I really just wish that I had thought more about the entire thing. I wish I could've seen through their lies. I feel disgusted by the magnitude of their betrayal.

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