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28th Feb 2023 from TwitLonger

RELEASED FROM KOI - Looking for Team as a Coach/Assistant/Strat or Stat Analyst

It’s as simple as the title above. Sappy boohoo I'm sad posts will come at a later time, right now is a time for ACTION!

Straight to the point; I’m looking to join a team as a Head Coach / Assistant / Strat or Stat analyst. I have been FULLY RELEASED FROM KOI - I am now a FREE AGENT (no buyout) looking to join T1/promising T2 prospects in ANY region.

You heard the timeout listen-ins at the Six Invitational 2023. You’ve heard what I’ve had to say. You know I’m good for it, you know I’m more than capable of saying exactly what the team needs to hear in those short 45 seconds. If I can say all that in 45 seconds then I sure as hell can coach your team outside of a timeout too.
Deep into the Six Invitational 2023 I was one of the only coaches left with a 100% round win after a tactical timeout.

Near flawless map bans at the Berlin Major and Six Invitational? I did those.
Strategical counter analysis? I do that.
Even on the fly? You KNOW I do that!
Advanced understanding of Excel? Easy peasy. I built my own (near fully) automated spreadsheet for calculating opponent map preference. Heck, I’m still working on improving it even more!

I am extremely confident that any team that picks me up will see improvements in individual and group play. My 3 years as a coach (and as an analyst) has given me invaluable experience that will greatly benefit anyone, any team.
I have an unparalleled understanding of game theory and the current meta right now (and its counters :EYES:). I carry with me all knowledge gained from the successess and short comings experienced by KOI/Rogue.
I have fully grasped the ability to see big picture and little picture - to me the fun in Siege was always the theory + analysis and as coach I have been able to completely unlock my maximum potential, growing stronger every stage, every event.

My time on Rogue/KOI I managed to achieve in the space of just over a year:

- TOP 4 - Sweden Major
- QUALIFIED SI 2022 / TOP 16 (oh boy, do I have stories about this event)
- CHAMPION - Berlin Major
- TOP 6 - SI 2023

Thats 4/6 major events qualified for! (I’m pretty sure we missed out on Jönköping by like 1 or 2 points?)

I know how to lead a bootcamp, how the team should carry itself at a LAN event. I know how to create and run a team schedule, find scrims, the works.

I am a VETERAN of this game. I’ve been doing this for 7 years!
If you need a new coach or your staff needs a new member, then you need me, I need you, hit me up, let's do this! - my twitter DMs are open!

Yesterday WAS the most difficult day of my career but today, a new chapter begins!


Likes, comments and RETWEETS are extremely appreciated!

Thank you for reading,
Matthew “meepeY” Sharples

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