Entering free agency

We decided to terminate our contracts with Anonymo and go out seperate ways. I really need some time to cool off, this period of time really drained a lot of my mental health, but with correct opportunity I will just shake it off and get back to the server.

I am still insanely motivated and looking for a challenge in an international roster. Lately played lurk/rotating spots, I am open to fill another role too, if it's needed. Willing to give a lot of input and midround ideas as well as helping to create the gamestyle of the team.

Really open for any stand-in ideas, tryout proccess et cetera. I wanna make sure you and I want the same in the team and if we match together well. Will consider direct offers of course too if they are worth it. I only care about motivation for the game and trying hard. Rest doesn't matter.

DM's open! R'Ts appreciated!

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