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26th Feb 2023 from TwitLonger


Lets just start by saying Ban Steve.

If it isnt already CLEAR AS DAYLIGHT steve is KILLING this game and if you dont believe it your actually just ignorant.

This character has done some of the most un fucking believable stuff for the last 2 years and still to this day he is still doing insane unbelievable stuff. If 2 years later we still cannot find an answer to this why do we still allow it? Clearly all these fake ass anti steve guides aint really that important and even if it could really help you out steve is inevitable. Steve will win, you will get hit by minecart, you will get hit my anvil and u will get punished for hitting steve. Down air and minecart alone make the character 100x more broken then he needs to be and now U CAN GET PUNISHED FOR HITTING STEVE??? WHY ARE U GUYS OK WITH THIS?? LOL this is the stupidest shit ive ever seen. U guys are extremely idiotic for even defending this or trying to justify it
I also couldnt tell u the abundance of people ive seen who are dogshit carried out the ass all of a sudden just “click” with steve. Yea thats bullshit i seriously do not know why people are ok with giving all these people the ability to make a baby game even easier for them. There really is no doubt in my mind that at least 90% of smashers find it extremely unfair that their losing so some dog shit player using a bitch made character. Its depressing, kills out mentality and just boosts their egos.

This isnt gonna stop. People are never gonna stop complaining about steve. There will never be an answer to Steve so… why do we wait? Are we really ok with this? Your telling me this is better then before? We rather have bad players pick up steve and ruin the game? Please just ban steve. Entries and viewership would absolutely skyrocket.
Why is it so hard for u guys to face the facts??
Do u guys really just want an easy win? Well enjoy it while u can this game will die if steve isnt banned. Im ngl and I know i sound like a jerk saying this but holy crap im gonna be filled with so much joy and happiness seeing some steve shitter go 2-2 without him and forced to actually play the game. U guys didnt just "click" with steve your ASS

U guys really dont understand it would be like if Jesus came to earth and just made world peace. Soooooooooooo much going on on twitter. All kinds of drama and bullshit and ban this dont ban that bla bla bla. Just…. Ban steve. Thats it, world peace. No more problems. PLEASE


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