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25th Feb 2023 from TwitLonger

The Truth About Sizzle Popcorn

So as many of you know I "work" at @SizzlePopcorn which is a snack brand created by @SizzleDev and while many people see the good or the random events and streams they do, there is a lot that happens on the backend most people don't know about.

In the span of 8 months that I've worked there I've brought on a lot of new affiliates and partners to the "#SizzleFam." That's what this whole thing is advertised as, a family. Unfortunately this family is ran by a dad who is absent, doesn't care about his family and likes to scam them as well.

Dev has from the start been very wishy washy, he'd say he wanted things to be ran a certain way but barely put his own time into the business. He has ignored DM's, messages and more from me directly to him and said it was because he was sick and yet still has time to promote NFT's for Sizzle (Which also made another "employee" leave because it showed he wasn't focusing on the people, just the money) and tweet. I have not been paid for the last two months of work and now that March is coming, due to how Dev has it set up or at least for me, I'd be paid at the start of the month for the coming up work. I am now owed 3 months of pay which would equal about $450 dollars. $450 for working every week about 30-40 hours a week, almost every day of the past 3 months to make that much.

When I was first brought on, there was two other people that worked as Partnership Managers. They were a two person team bringing on new people to Sizzle. At first I was excited because after being let go from my job in January of Last year I spent the better part of a year trying to find a new remote job to go alongside my college classes and content creation and finally after hearing over 1320+ no's through emails and other forms of communication Dev reached out to me. That was August 2022, when I joined Sizzle I was excited like I said but that didn't last long.

Barely a month into me working there everything started to crumble and show cracks. one of the PM's at that point was working full time for another job and working this one part-time and feeling as if he could not give his all to Sizzle he left. I know he has said his main job paid better and things overall were better so I was happy for him but I had barely been trained and was now working with one other person instead of the 2-4 that I was said I'd be working with. It also turned out due to how busy he was with his full time job that the other PM was primarily doing everything on her own and had been for a while. You would think because she was working on a lot of these things she would be compensated for her time, right? Well unfortunately Dev forgot to pay her for about a year in total, possibly a little bit longer. And that wouldn't be the last time he forgot. She stated that even though she'd worked at Sizzle for that whole time, not been paid and yet myself and one of the other new workers were paid and or spoken to about being paid when the person who'd worked for a year hadn't been.

I thought this was weird but kept working, eventually she left due to not being paid, disrespected and more that if she wants to speak on, she can. The other new PM eventually had to focus on his personal life and things involved more which meant he left as well. So from the point of me joining Sizzle it went from a 3 person team, to a 4 person team to a 1 person team. Dev proceeded to post on Twitter looking for new Partnership managers, he passed over a lot of people with good experience or who understood the brand because he wanted a certain image which I'm more realizing now is he wanted people he could walk over. So I stayed the only Partnership manager for about a month and then he brought on 4 new people.

Personally I've spoken with two of the new employees and neither has been paid. One like myself has worked as a social media manager before and she went from normally being paid a larger sum to lowering her offer to $500 a month because she figured Dev needed the help, she has not been paid for any posts or any time put into Sizzle. One of the workers has not either and has even sent invoices to Dev and yet he has not paid any of them.

Dev has been a negligent boss who only focuses on the money but has been taking advantage of myself, other co-workers both past and present and probably more stuff that I personally don't know about. As well as scamming customers and not getting their orders sent to them, not issuing refunds for orders made months ago by parties who won't be named and so many other things. I recommend you separate yourself from the Sizzle Popcorn brand and once I am paid my money that I am owed I will be doing the same.

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