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24th Feb 2023 from TwitLonger

Orgs leaving Apex due to lack of support from Respawn... #SaveApexComp

At the Playoff LAN in London, @Nelsinho7x (who attended the event) was told by a direct employee working with EA & Respawn that a Respawn higher-up stated "Why would we share 50% profits with organizations when we could put our own skins in the game and make 100%"

From what we understand, Respawn pulled the plug on rev shares, not EA. They offered the org's a flat rate of $60,000 in return for rights to their brand to release team skins, providing 0% profit share, which (important note) EA/Respawn had PROMISED profit sharing when introducing the skin idea many months ago, even going as far as having the skins already made. The org's tried negotiating some form of split but Respawn refused to give them a fair share of profits. Team Liquid, G2, InvictusGaming and Spacestation Gaming took the opportunity of being led on by Respawn to make a statement and leave the scene. (which is why their skins never released).

For reference; The 2021 ALGS Championship had skin bundles to crowdfund the prize-pool, to which increased the total by $1,600,000. While Respawn kept 80% of sale profits, that means they made $8,000,000 gross for a ONE WEEK skin sale. So why doesn't Respawn see the potential for not only profit but to provide a thriving ecosystem for E-Sports, the orgs, the players, and dedicated fanbase?

The purpose of releasing this info isn't to hurt EA/Respawn, it's to urge Respawn to support both the players and orgs. This is people's livelihood we're talking about, there is ground for both EA/Respawn to profit while org's achieve ROI. Send org's a blank template for guns, charms, banners or even legends and let them invest in designing their own items so EA just has to distribute them. Even create a separate E-Sport tab on the store like Halo, Call of Duty, even Rainbow 6 Siege.

Please support the competitive scene EA/Respawn, the orgs deserve a fair revenue split...

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