dajor25 · @dajorlol

22nd Feb 2023 from TwitLonger

Thank you Astralis

Alot of ups and downs in the last 1.5 years
This split was by far the hardest mentally, because of the new format there were only 3 weeks to try and fix all the problems we had, and the pressure from the lack of time
made every single problem alot worse. I thought I knew how to handle the situation and problems but after reflecting alot about it I can say that I took the wrong approach and it showed.
I understand the decision that was made and I think it was necessary to not only grow as a player, but also as a friend and teammate.
Despite that I enjoyed my stay in the LEC and im grateful that Ive gotten the chance to play against and with the best players.
Alot of new friends and lovely memories to be remembered
Thank you all for making the tough times in my journey easier, the support was amazing ❤️
I hope I made some of you smile aswell 😊
Till next time 🫡❤️

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