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22nd Feb 2023 from TwitLonger

Anti-White Racism

About a year ago on December 2021 to January 2022, there were mulitple chat logs spread of me committing anti-white racism ( https://i.imgur.com/HaCXTXX.png ). I don't deny I've typed it in my offline chat, because I was ignorant to its meaning and thought it was inoffensive to poke fun at the fragility white people have for meaningless word salad terms some twitter user compiled as a slur list. I thought wrongly it was fine to poke fun at because I believed white people were privileged and do not face systemic racism, and the discrimination from these slurs was just a bad jab like calling someone the r* slur. Like just being mean, but you can shrug it off. But still, I will never use these terms to refer to a white person.
However, for the past year there's been a lot of misinfo spread about what I've said. I never called for the genocide of white people, I did not call white people snow roaches nor bleach demons, but I did refer to some redditors as "no-purpose flour" and "walking dandruff". I've apologized for that multiple times throughout the year, and I apologize again.

A few things I'd like to address in the logs here (https://i.imgur.com/HaCXTXX.png), the timestamps appear rearranged and cut out of context to look like I was calling someone a slur (cracker & snow roach), but I was not (https://youtu.be/F5g5GrKGdSY?t=164 also I'd like to point out in this video there was more to the controversy than c word = n word, it was about the white fragility mentioned earlier). I was answering someone's question "what is the c-word", and enumerating slurs from this screenshot of made up slurs I thought sounded ridiculous. The most glaring line from these cut out of context logs is definitely the last line where I said "I make fun of white people all the time, this is not a white people space". This was directly referencing the jokes I made about white people cuisine during a Minecraft stream in December 2021, where I said something about over-usage of cinnamon in their tea, drinks & bakeries. The sarcasm was lost with the log singled out, with no reference to the stream that day (other logs about cinnamon that day https://i.imgur.com/aR7Aj42.png). That sentence was me poking fun at how inoffensive I thought my offenses of making fun of white people cuisine were. I apologize to the white community.

In conclusion, I'm sorry for the hurt I've caused and people I've disappointed. I was ignorant to the meaning of racism and what I thought were lighthearted words were deeply hurtful and discriminatory and will not be using that kind of language.

Other notes:
In some posts there are references to my old moderator, whom stepped down because of this fiasco and it was in mutual agreement, but then later banned from the community for saying he was only attracted to east-Asians like how gay people are born gay in having no choice to who they're attracted to.
Also wanted to point out when I was mistakenly banned for 33 minutes around November 2022, it was likely a mass report on a nudity sex scene from the game Immortality. It was not for the slurs or anti-white racism as people believed. I assume it was related to certain vtuber communities spreading these logs in an attempt to cancel collabs and cause a scene.
I also have been brigading my own posts on LSF since early 2021, and no longer get my clips posted there since 2021/2022 with the help of certain programs.

If you've been watching my streams you'll know I've addressed this dozens of times already but I think it'll be good to leave this post up as a clarification for anyone mislead on what happened, since some people seem to be hellbent on certain forums in spreading that I hate all white people and want them to die or something.

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