I'd like to apologize to TSM and respond to the monologue

Hey everyone.

After seeing the response to the DL/TSM monologue, it’s abundantly clear I need to say something.

To start with what’s most important, to anyone at TSM that was hurt, bothered, or in any way discomforted by the monologue – I am truly sorry. Please know that was never the intent. I respect the hell out of the people at TSM working their asses off to propel this organization forward and never intended to communicate otherwise.

This piece was meant to tee up the history between DL and his former team ahead of their first meeting back in the LCS. After someone pitched the topic and the team suggested a monologue would be a fitting structure, I agreed to work on the piece alongside our production team. It went through multiple iterations and what we landed on was what you saw on the air. Clearly, we missed the mark.

The backlash is both understandable and sickening.

I understand how polarizing the piece is and that there are people who are hurt by my involvement. You have a right to voice your opinion and I appreciate those who do so respectfully. I’m reflecting on this moment to inform how I approach content in the future.

I also continue to be horrified by the harassment and vitriol directed at me by anonymous trolls for simply doing my job. Please remember that I am a human, not an object to throw your hatred and anger toward because of one mistake.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. My goal is always to learn, better myself, and improve as a broadcaster to best convey the stories we all care so deeply about.

I love you all. The work for betterment continues.

Much love,
Gabby Durden

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