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1st Feb 2023 from TwitLonger



This statement is long overdue. My actions have taken me from someone I was proud of, trying to make a positive impact in my community, to a "deepfake porn guy". The scar of that is felt deeply on my heart.

First and foremost I want to specifically apologize to Maya and Pokimane. You were both in the screenshot that spread around the internet. Your names were dragged into it and you were sexualized against your will. You have both succeeded in this industry in spite of all the blatant unfounded sexist attempts to hurt or assassinate your character in a male dominated space. And now I'm another guy on that long list. I'm sorry I didn't reach out sooner, I'm sorry my actions have lead to further exploitation of you and your body, and I'm sorry your experience is not uncommon.

The reality is- I have it easy compared to the dozens of women who, from my actions, discovered they are exploited unconsensually. I'm sorry to all of you for the pain I caused with my action and its ripple effect.

QT described it to me as a "wildfire" and I believe that is correct. My goal now is concrete action to fight that wildfire and do everything I can do to combat the damage.

In the short term, through the efforts of QT and Ryan Morrison's law firm the website in question has already been taken down. I have spoken with Morrison and am working to cover the financial cost of the takedown as well as all legal fees for all women affected to use his services for removing their unwanted content from the web. Additionally, I am engaging more law firms to continue to remove this content from other areas of the internet such as Reddit.

To ensure this issue has my full focus I am stepping away from content creation and OFFBRAND.

Lastly, to anyone who has expressed the sentiment of "support" that what I did wasn't wrong, or that I shouldn't apologize- Fuck you. Sincerely. I do not want your support, I do not stand with you.

This will be the last time you hear from me for a while. I'd rather you see my actions. I will try my absolute hardest to combat the damage I caused.

Thank you.

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