working toward financial security for all streamers of all sizes

The life of a Twitch streamer is working an impossible number of hours trying to find success.

For all, but the largest creators, these hours go unrewarded. Twitch ignores small, and mid-sized creators and gives their budget to a select small group of streamers via huge paid contracts. Small to middle-sized creators have few paid opportunities on Twitch and are expected to get by on their unfair subscription revenue split and meager ad programs.

Today that changes, I've been working on a program that takes the budget of what would normally only be used to acquire the largest of creators and distributes it through a formula that generates an hourly income for all streamers.

Today I’m announcing the first steps to helping creators of all sizes succeed. The Creator Program.

Every creator, no matter your size, whether you have 1 viewer or 100,000, will get paid for the hours they stream.

The Creator Program is a new program that has never been done by a streaming platform before. It will exist IN ADDITION to an ad program that’s competitive with Twitch and Youtube. It will exist IN ADDITION to the subscriber button. That means as a creator on Kick, you’ll get paid for ads when they’re available, you’ll get paid 95% of your subscriber revenue, 100% of on-site non-third-party donations, and you’ll get the Creator Program. could spend millions of dollars acquiring large streamers exclusively. Instead, we’re choosing to invest in all creators. Alongside the Creator Program, is partnering with advertisers to bring the website to profitability. Until then, we’re going to invest the budget that would have only been used on large creators for the benefit of all creators. That is how we will fund the creator program until we further build out our advertising program.

The Creator Program is simple. You get paid for each hour you stream. A formula will pay each streamer out based on:
A. The number of hours you stream.
B. A flat rate based on Kick’s advertising CPMs (budgeted by us until ads take over).
C. The average viewers you have.
D. Viewer demographics and engagement.

We’ll have more details regarding this program in the near future.

Payout options are your choice and can happen two ways:
You get paid via our payment processor, Stripe, on a set day of each month.
You can get paid the same day after your stream ends in Bitcoin or Ethereum. wants to make the Creator Program available to everyone, but we need to sort through potential exploiters, viewbot abusers, and fake accounts. For this reason the initial Creator Program will have a manual approval application process. Everyone who has a verifiable brand and is operating their stream legally and above board is eligible for the Creator Program, regardless of viewership. will release details on how to apply for the Creator Program in the near future. I’m looking forward to announcing more about the Creator Program soon.

I have a vision that one day every streamer will get back exactly what they put in. I want the time gone where streamers spend thousands of hours working and never knowing if they will get a return. It will take time to get right, but this is the beginning.

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