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20th Jan 2023 from TwitLonger

Unreal situation

Hello everyone,

I want to explain how competing in Europe has been for me since I turned 18 years old on July 2020. Everything started in the Cold War Season. During a scrim against Team Singularity, I was getting my body shot by multiple players but specifically by Detain. For that reason, I lost my temper and made one of the biggest mistakes I have done in my life and that I still regret to this day. Never in a million years I would want to wish what he went through to anyone. If you read this, Detain, I apologize again. I was a stupid kid.

Due to the stupid comment I made, I started receiving a lot of hate from the CoD Community but specially from the European scene. I have been competing and sacrificing everything in my life including family time, leisure time and studies to be able to compete and achieve my dreams. Since I am 13 years old I have been competing in both national (spanish) and european competitions with only one goal, the same as every other amateur player, to make the Call of Duty League.

The whole European community tried to blacklist me and ban me due to the comment made towards Detain but their petition was never fulfilled. I kept competing in national competitions and started playing Challengers Cups, Challengers OPENs and Challengers ELITEs. I am a very competitive person and my only goal was to win, no matter the circumstances. After eliminating multiple good teams during the Open #2, the European community started to accuse me of cheating. In following tournaments, my team and myself didn't place that well with only achieving a Top 7 and the word "cheater" wasn't mentioned towards me. However, me and my team were able to win Open #4 under the team name "Los Pepes" following the instructions of Lewtee to monitor cam every match and do the famous "Lewtee Method" when requested by opposing teams.

In case you don't know, during the online era, Lewtee brought up a method that would work to avoid cheaters from official matches. It consisted of resetting your PC while recording with your phone in discord in front of your opponents. The first thing after resetting the PC would be opening the task bar and showing any applications working on the background. Every time I did the "Lewtee Method", Lewtee was present and told me that everything was correct and good.

I am still being accused of hacking when during the console era (IW, WW2, Bo4 and MW19), I was able to win multiple national and European events and online tournaments. If you are a challengers players in EU, you probably played me during the console era of CoD. Why did no one think I was cheating back then and now I am? This is my Codgamepedia link so that you can check it yourself.

Before Cold War challengers champs, players like Rafi, who I have beaten in the past in console CoDs, was constantly accusing me of cheating even though I did the "Lewtee Method" before every single map during our series against them. This is a screenshot of how I performed the "Lewtee Method" multiple times during our series against Elevate in Cold War Challengers Champs.

To finalize on the Cold War season, I wanna drop screenshots of another player that to this day still accuses me of cheating when he refused himself to perform the "Lewtee Method" during a Challengers Open tournament. He also played with NukeJ, the biggest cheater in the community that was caught and exposed by his teammates after winning the Challengers Elite #3. This player continues to compete without any problems.

In this tweet that he posts, he defends Torres (one of his teammates at the time) after other teams were accusing him of cheating. The main point he was defending is his monitor camming during matches and doing the "Lewtee Method" before matches. However, when I was doing the "Lewtee Method" and monitor camming, he still believed that I cheated.

After the Cold War Season, one of the Spanish teams decided to give me an opportunity to redeem myself from my mistakes in the past. The European community agreed to scrim against us and it seemed everything was returning to normal. The team had a great potential but before the first Vanguard Cup, I played a CMG tournament with 2 of my best friends. During that tournament, I knew one of teammates was hacking. I was being dumb and allowing it to happen thinking it was going to be funny. My so called "BEST FRIENDS" extorted me for money and fucked up my whole career. Screenshots were made public by VICCAR (my ex-best friend who used cheats during that CMG tournament) revealing that I was helping him hide the cheats on his OBS Stream. In my defense, I want to make clear that any player playing at a top level in Call of Duty probably has a rough idea of how to hide cheats during an OBS stream. Anyone can look it up on the internet. Also I want to make VERY CLEAR, that I have never used or will ever use any type of cheats of any kind.

Following this actions, the whole European community was threatening me and insulting me. I understand their perspective but people where making assumptions about myself that were yet to be proven. I understand my mistakes and regret them but at what point enough is enough? There has been multiple people in this community who have made it all the way into the league with past mistakes in their lives. How many players have played with cheaters and how many players have made mistakes in the past and were still able to compete? Why were they never punished the same way as I have?

I was blacklisted by the European community for 1 year during the vanguard season, here is the evidence:

I accepted the 1-year blacklist and completely disappeared from the Vanguard Season. I used this year to rebuild myself into being a better person in every aspect of life. With the release of MWII, I returned to compete with an amateur Spanish team with the goal of proving everyone what I am capable of as a player. The blacklist period was supposed to be over as I had completed the whole year of Vanguard. I was surprised to see that no European team wanted to scrim against my team because of my presence. I already completed the punishment that the community had on me, but they continue to punish me and they continue to accuse me and they continue to despise me. I have streamed every single match in the challengers CUPs and ELITE with a monitor cam. This situation has reached a point where I am being punished by the hate of some members in the European community. So, I ask myself this question, if I have always agreed to any kind of methods to prove that I am not cheating, am I being punished because they still think I am cheating or because they just hate me? The situation also affects my teammates which have the same dream as I do as we are not allowed to scrim any top European teams. The situation is that bad, that even the top teams that don't mind scrimming us are being threatened by the other top teams of being blacklisted too! Apart from not being able to scrim, the situation also avoids me from attending any kind of events including Boston. Organizations that wanted to take me and my team to the United States are backing up last minute due to my past and the way the European community is dealing with the situation.

My colleagues and friends have tried by all means to revert the situation with the blacklist and everything has failed. The "leader" of the European community aka Lewtee does not want to help me or listen to me and try to put an end to everything. I just want to compete with my team and be able to go to events without any problem. I want to improve every day by practicing against the best teams in Europe and maybe one day reach the league.

These are some screenshots of how Lewtee does not want to help me and on top of that he wants to fuck me over even more. He knows that I have never cheated and on top of that he is saying that if any team decides to scrim against my team, they will also be added to the blacklist. By the way, I don't understand how there can be one person with this much power to influence the European community this way.

I also want to remind people that before I turned 18 years old, I played against players who are currently in the CDL like HyDra, Insight, CleanX, Cammy, Afro, WarDy, etc. I didn't just appear from under a random stone, I have been in the community for a long time. My last reminder to people is that everyone makes mistakes in their lives and that EVERYONE and when I say EVERYONE, I mean EVERYONE deserves a second chance. That is all I am asking for.

Thank you very much for reading all this, I have said it many times through the twitlonger but the only thing I want is to compete, practice and attend events without any problem, for myself and my teammates.

Regards, ATT David "RenKoR" Isern.

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