Seeds of Evil : Trial by Combat

It's time for you, Destiny, to stop being a 8th dimensional clown and being rubbed the wrong way by my schizo presence. I'm finally here for your Dan.

DAN been too safe, so I'ma give you one last chance to pit Dan in the word arena with me, on your terms. We can have a discussion about his behavior and we'll see if he's worthy shilling his dogshit mindset.

ANYWAY. I require DAN as a blood sacrifice. No exceptions. I'm going to obliterate him from ever taking a stance on anything again. He is scum of the earth and you keep him around cus he the safest shit imaginable. He cant ever do It. He will always take second. It's disgusting. He is a leech. Bro if you was playing mario party with him, last turn and he could DUEL you for ALL YOUR COINS and WIN and BE THE SUPERSTAR. He would be like.... snort snort, heeh hehehh im statistically likely to SNIFFFF SECURE SECOND PLACE SNIFFFF SNORT if I just PROTECT MYSELF and use this block to nullfy CHANCE on my lastly turn. Then fucking blame the world when he end up third, cus someone with a little more ACTUAL SOUL, took RISK and was rewarded by the universe. He aint never make a real decision in his life bro and you know it. I assure you that he's around because, with how much of a pathetic piece of cognitive machinery he is, you're safe continuing to be the toxic asshat you're being. Son I can go for days about Dan bro its the worst shit. Remember when you was like oh I would be fckin suprised if dan turned on me. You know why? Cus he a fucking safe pussy. He will never risk. Because being white and society has never pushed him to any bounds. TO HIM, TIME is all it take, because the fucking UNIVERSE already BENT to his FOREFATHERS WILL. And he fucking COAST in that shit. He is HUMAN FILTH. YO PUT ME IN A CALL WITH HIM YOU ALREADY SEE ME SCHIZO MONOLOGING I WANT AT HIM.

Anyway yeah. If you ignore this schizo post, Ima just make, logical, sensible content on how fcking horrible on Dan or maybe even other horrible aspects

I have only appeared in your space because you have betrayed my parasocial trust. I was just a regular blue collar wage slave black dude , when I heard your admissions of making my dream space. A place where anyone of all creeds and backgrounds can have healthy discourse. Somewhere that acknowledge its the stance of the people and not of authority, that drives people forward. Now, however, it's a place for Dan to FEAST. TO FEED. Even you chat calls it out. If Dan doesn't have someone to deconstruct, if he doesn't have another man to climb over, his words are baseless. They have no substance, if anything, they steal it. Dan is literally energy vampire from "what we do in the shadows".

I know you got infinite loops to protect yourself from Dan's cold, unfeeling and indiscriminate destruction of everything sacred. I cannot stand to see Dan thrive. It is cus he is a mirror. I will not allow myself to see myself anymore in the world, so I must consume Evil to be Evil.

It's ok Dan, do not fear me, I'm lawful Evil. Respect the sovereignty of one's mind and you have nothing to fear in mortal psychic combat with me :)

Lets talk plox xoxoxoxox

-Evil Tree of Fossilized Masculinity

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