I’ve been managing Tyler now for seven years, and it has been nothing short of amazing and hectic all at the same time. 💜 My journey managing him started when we were dating and he was gaining more viewers playing battle royale games like H1Z1/PUBG, but still competing in halo. We were a two-man team (Tyler as the talent, and me as everything business-related).

My journey managing Tyler started with me googling contacts for major companies already in the gaming space that were sponsoring streamers (like hyperx, astro, GFuel, etc). I’d essentially write up a “gamer resume” on tyler listing out all of his halo placings, his accomplishments, and his viewers/social following. I’d then write up an in-depth email pitching why sponsoring Tyler would be beneficial. Little did I know how much my role would change, and that I wouldn’t have to “cold call” forever. I never thought we would have the business, brand, and success that we have today. As Tyler grew, my job continued to change, and I started wearing many different hats that I was definitely under qualified for-he needed a legal team looking over contracts, he needed agents, he needed a financial advisor, he needed YouTube editors, he needed a stream alert team, he needed an accountant that understood his job, he needed a PR team, he needed a Merch team, he needed a social team, and OH could I go on and on…This led me to scout an amazing team that we now refer to as Team Ninja. My thought process was always “I want Tyler to thrive off- stream as a business if I were to step away completely”. Which, I’m finally able to comfortably and proudly say, he is thriving, he will continue to thrive, and I’m moving onto my next chapter.

Although I’m stepping away from full time managing Tyler, I’ll still be involved in just a few aspects of the business (Merch being one). I’ve appreciated all of your love and support over the years. We truly never expected this life, and we are so grateful everyday for each and everyone of you who has supported us along this journey! I can’t wait to see Tyler and Team Ninja continue to do ground-breaking things!

There is no big story here. I’m grateful to have had outlets want to do an interview about this decision, but there is nothing that happened or any juice behind this. I’m simply ready for my next chapter, whatever that may be 💜

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