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30th Aug 2022 from TwitLonger

My non-appearance at EU Masters and my bench from S04

Hello everyone, I had to clarify my non-appearance at EU Masters and my bench from S04.

4 hours before our first EU Master game against Gameward I got a call from the head of esports of Schalke saying that I was bench of the structure because I flamed someone ( Nyro ) in a soloq game. I shouldn’t flame ever and I am really sorry about what I said but sometimes emotions take over which is not an excuse and I will make sure that won’t happen again.
And just to make it clear, it was nothing racist or homophobic flame, just a very common (but non acceptable) flaming.

I was still mindblown of the decision from Schalke which was in my opinion really REALLY excessive since there was nothing from riot
I suggested a fine and a public's apoligizies were enough considering the fact that it was my first 'warning' ever from S04 ( never got any warning from riot )
We’ve been through a lot this year with my teammates, it was a rough year and I would have expected some more support from my org especially with what happened throughout the year.

It’s a huge disappointment for me EUMs should have been the accomplishment of the season but more than this it's incredibly frustrating to put my teammates in such a situation. I'm deeply sorry for them.
Anyway, let's learn from it and move on…

Merci pour tout le soutien en dm, vous êtes les boss, on se revoit au spring 2023 ❤️❤️ ( allez soutenir mes mates également! 😞)

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