Rachel Jackson – Almost Famous #edfringe review

Almost famous - that’s the story of Rachel’s life, and in this show she goes through the many tales of how it just didn’t happen for her. She was almost Disney’s Cinderella, almost a TV star, almost a movie star, and almost... well kind of IS a friend of the Rock's.

So why is she not famous? There’s not one definitive answer, but one factor throughout (and certainly the direct reason for one of her "failings") is her struggle with her mental health. Rachel suffers from OCD, and ‘it’s not the good type’.

There’s possibly enough material here for around five Fringe shows and many would have taken advantage and done exactly that. She could have easily exaggerated truths and made bits up to prolong her set, but not Rachel. She has chosen to cram it all in to one and as strange as some of the tales are, they all feel genuine. She speaks truthfully and openly, and this only helps bring the audience and performer closer.

She’s an exciting stand- up, and this show is as fascinating as it is funny. The show comes to a conclusion with a bit of good news - an uplifting story; however, I feel she’s missed a trick here. This is a top-quality show in which she hits all the laughter points and gets the big laughs, but the one thing it lacks is structure. In particular an ending. She obviously thinks the story works well as an ending, but if she had incorporated this into her quest for fame, then it would have brought the show nicely to a close. I assume it’s because she’s so honest, and although we respect that, I can’t help feel this is an opportunity (and possibly another chance of fame) missed.

4 Stars ****

Rachel Jackson – Almost Famous @ The Stand 13:20

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