A truly positive update on CS.MONEY hack


Today we bring good news – we have managed to return half of the stolen skins back to our accounts. Which means that in less than a week, once the trade lock on them expires, these skins, ours and user-owned alike, will again become available on our site.

We keep doing everything in our power to return every stolen skin, and we will definitely compensate the CS.MONEY users for their losses in case we are unable to get something back to them. We will give more details on that once we have finalized all the processes related to returning the skins, which is our top priority as of now.

However, we can already tell you that we have found the one who hacked us, and we’ve learned how exactly it was done. While we were at it, we regained control over the accounts used to store the stolen skins.

Once again, we’d like to thank everyone for their support, and our clients for their patience.

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