A Brand New Journey

As of today, I am no longer with TSM. Thank you for the amazing journey. I started this with the goal of helping a group of individuals achieve their highest peek in esports. We've gotten multiple podium finishes with my time here. Thank you so much to the girls especially for trusting me throughout my time here. I enjoyed every moment there is with them and i'm so excited for what's ahead.

Cath, I was a huge fan since CSGO and the fact that I got to work with you was so amazing. You were so passionate at the game and I was pretty shocked that you were listening to my advices and stuff. You were one of the main reasons I chose to coach you guys.

Mirna, thank you so much for picking up the IGL role after cath, I knew it was hard but you slayed. Thank u for also being my big sister when I was in LA lost like a child.. Keep peeking Opers pls, they can never win.

Mle, you're like my bff in the team when we talk about stupid shit and rant and stuff. I would always have to wait for u to get ready before we go to the facility cuz you slow as hell.. Thank u for being the class clown. You never fail to lighten up the mood in the team. You're a poggers Astra pls dont change that

Donut, you're one of the best duelist players i've ever worked with and I hope you get the chance to show that in the scene. You're like the TSM baby so please protect her guys!!

Bungo, I was very shocked with how much of an awp presence you had in the server. You're insane. I'll always remember when you say " you want to play let's play". For a person that I thought was very quiet, you talk a lot.. HAHA its a good thing.

Leah, You're so hardworking despite having school. You put so much time in the game and you always asked me for help so thank u for that.

Thank you so much and I love you guys man. I've met so many wonderful people in NA, cracked as hell players, managers and coaches. Everyone here has such an amazing personality and I'm so sad that I'll no longer be in the NA scene, maybe I still will? Maybe I won't idk.

Now for the juicy news, I'll be coaching Alter Ego Celeste for their Berlin run and who knows, cool things can happen after that!! For any offers both as a player or a coach, dm me on twitter or at danialhkbusiness@gmail.com. Any region.

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