End of ORDER? New opportunites

I'm not going to use this post to talk about ORDER as a business, but will just say the business is FOR SALE and not completely dead yet. Interested parties should contact the appointed administrators.

I will use this to shout out the great people that worked at ORDER and the players who represented ORDER. We had superstars working in Sales and Partnerships, Creative and Content, Operations, Events and Esports.

I was tasked with building the best Esports team OCE had ever seen and as this news breaks I reflect on the great players, coaches and support staff who represented us.

ORDER is the current OCE Champions in EVERY TITLE we play.

League of Legends

These are the best of the best players and staff and any org Domestic or International should be looking at them. These are the superstars of ORDER.

For me, it's hit me pretty hard and sudden and not sure what my next move is. If ORDER does get purchased that is a strong option for me to continue but also open to something fresh. Open to all offers, Esports, TO's, Brands both Domestically and Internationally.

I wont be providing any further comments on the business.

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