Comedy Reviewer #edfringe Top Tips & Hot Picks 2022

Here’s a collection of top shows and up and coming talent at this year's edfringe.

Randy Feltface: Alien of Extraordinary Ability.
The puppetry is great, but it’s the written material that makes this character stand out. The fact that it comes straight from the mouth of a talking purple puppet just makes it all the funnier. Loved his last fringe show! Expect nothing less this time. We think he’ll be a standout at this year’s festival.

Rosie Holt: The Woman’s Hour.
There's so much hype around this award-winning social media sensation, and for good reason. Her online work has been a smash hit, and we’re so pleased that we finally get to witness her in person. We’re really looking forward to this one. Highly recommended.

Amy Gledhill: The Girl Before The Girl You Marry.
She's from comedy award-nominated 'The Delightful Sausage', so she knows what it takes to make award-worthy comedy. It’s her solo debut, and with her style and delivery I think an hour in her company would be an absolute pleasure.

Big Boys and Friends.
Fans of their TV show, so really intrigued by this offering. We know there’s examples of great writing and acting from previous work, but this sounds like something rather different. We don’t really know what what to expect, we just think with that amount of talent, this late-night comedy cabaret event could be something rather special.

Paul Black: Self-Care Era.
Paul became a big star up here in Scotland during the pandemic; he’s been all over social media mocking Scottish mums, and his videos quickly went viral. It’s gained him such a strong following that his Fringe run has already sold out. With a bit of luck, we may get some extra dates, but if not, keep an eye out for future dates and tours, because believe us, you won’t want to miss him.

Liam Farrelly: God’s Brother-in-Law.
Scotland’s comedian of the year, but you just know that there is much more to come from this young comedian. We see similarities to a young Kevin Bridges, and that’s high praise! Let’s hope Farrelly can be just as successful.

Troy Hawke: Sigmund Troy’d.
Another year, another level. Hawke is looking to have his best Edinburgh yet, and it’s again thanks to the power of social media. Troy Hawke is the name on everyone’s lips/tickets. With his entire run already sold out, extra shows are already being added. Not just a sharp dresser, also a sharp mind. We’re really looking forward to this one. Grab a ticket before it sells out (again).

Ania Magliano: Absolutely No Worries If Not.
Magliano ticks all the boxes; she’s a star in the making. This is her debut show, but we are told that we’re in for a treat. Make sure you get a ticket and join her on her journey to the top.

Jessica Fostekew: Wench.
The last show was a thing of beauty, so we fully expect Wench to be just as good, if not better. Fostekew is such a compelling story- teller; her acting and writing ability really shine through. A huge talent that you have just got to see.

Sam Campbell: Comedy Show.
Sam Campbell deserves to be a household name; he’s hilarious. He’s become a personal favourite after last year's outstanding effort. More of the same would do nicely. Hugely likeable, hilariously funny; he’s highly recommended.

Honourable mentions to previous year's tips and picks who are also playing at this year's festival:

Mat Ewins
Ivo Graham
Fin Taylor
Jamie MacDonald
Larry Dean
Ray Badran
Ciaran Dowd
Jake Lambert
Jordan Brookes

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