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2nd Aug 2022 from TwitLonger

Hello Legends, is this our biggest update ever?
I would say yes, only a LAN announcement would top this… (but we won’t rule that out)


CGL has always existed as an exclusively controller platform for the past 3 years within Apex legends, and prior to that, it has always been solely for consoles using controllers, hence Console Gaming League.

Just before the release of Private Servers in Apex Legends last year, we announced the decision to allow PC controller players in CGL due to our regular competitors switching over to this platform, which was already a big announcement for our platform to broaden it with the inclusion of PC. However, we are completely allowing all inputs which is a massive step forward for us.

Now we still 100% want to & will support our back-bone aka the grassroots of gaming, aka Consoles with respect to Controller only events. Therefore, we will aim to run 'two' controller only events within a single CGL Season (which is 3 months), to still support the majority of our current community.

~ Why are we changing? ~

Throughout the past 3 years, we have been rocking the controller only narrative - while it was quite successful in some cases, as in our Discord reaching nearly 9,000 members, we were never really able to gain real steam and grow to provide even better tournaments. Although this hasn't limited us by providing some amazing events for a relatively 'small' platform like CGL:

$2.5K New Dawn League in May 2020
$2K CGL Invitational Summer 2020
$1K Summer Series 2021
$1K Spring Series 2022
$1.5K Summer Series 2022

Including a lot of progression from our production side of things throughout each event thanks to Grissom. As you see these were no small events and we had a lot of new, amazing teams compete where we got to meet a lot of people.

Now including MnK to our platform will definitely raise the platform’s competitive level & aspirations while also increasing our current active player-base, which will allow us to run the tournaments we want to run for our community! We want to allow everyone to find their place within CGL and no one to feel left out cause of the controller restrictions. We also know a lot of competitive teams will have a mix of controller & MnK players, which is also a big reason to our change.

I hope our current community is able to accept our decision - we think it's the best path for us to take, to continue & to support our community while also to keep improving the platform as a whole.
Make sure to check out our $1500 Summer Series Invitational, this Saturday at 6PM EST on https://twitch.tv/CGL1 - check our Twitter page to see all the participating teams which is pretty stacked.

Take care, stay connected and have fun!

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