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25th Jul 2022 from TwitLonger

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I have released a video on my live reaction to my competitive ruling, which you can find here:

Hey everyone,

As you may know, as of today, July 25, at 11:10 AM, I received a Competitive Ruling from Riot Games.

Keep in mind, I had meant to wake up to grabbing some Shroud Madrinas Coffee, or wake up to a breakfast, but instead, I had waken up to my full government name being posted on the VCT NA twitter.

The duration being 9 months for the following:

- Releasing "the galorants experience"
- A now-deleted "SOL Finisher" comment directed to Ripley
- Threatening to t-bag Ripley in the next Galorants in-house scrims
- Threatening to t-bag Ripley if I were to ever smurf on Valorant.

While I'm still having a ton of emotions right now, it's worth noting that I will be taking this punishment with the responsibility of my actions that led to my situation.

Does this mean "the galorants experience" or "the astral clash experience" videos will be deleted? No.

Does this mean I'm banned from competing? Only from Riot-sanctioned events, this includes main VCT as well. As for other events in the FE/NB/Game Changers Scene, that question is up in the air right now and up to the decision of tournament admins, and tournament organizers.

I'd like to take the time to thank Riot Games for reaching out to me, as well as an extra thanks for allowing me to cooperate with this investigation. The punishment would have probably been more heavier if I had refused to cooperate, but given the circumstances, I'm willing to always open up as usual and I appreciate the opportunity in doing so.

Please, do not go out of your way to harass/attack any game developers or Riot devs, or even any TO/TAs. They are not at fault.

I take full responsibility for my actions, that's all from there.

My future in competitive play or in Valorant in general is unknown, so, we'll see where I go from here.

I appreciate the support I've been given, and I will cherish it. Thank you.

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