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25th Jul 2022 from TwitLonger

addressing the "allegations" lol (?)

TW// mentions of SA, r*pe, etc

Hello, my name is Dawn (like the dish soap)
I'm gonna try to keep this short. VALORANT issued me a 3-month competitive ban for "vulgar language against a member of the GALORANTS community." Earlier this month, I got an email from Riot employees letting me know that they have "been made aware of evidence implicating you in potentially violating behavior guidelines contained within the VALORANT Global Competition Policy."

I'm sure you guys remember the tbagging incident a few weeks ago. Where a member of Galorants claimed that tbagging in Valorant is equivalent to real life Sexual Assault... Screenshots of this conversation were brought to Twitter and it went viral. The user eventually went to Twitter herself to make a long thread doubling down on why she believes tbagging is sexual assault. I have friends that have literally been raped. I have watched SA happen in broad daylight. It is not something you can compare to crouching in a video game. I was visibly upset by this, as were hundreds of thousands of people, and replied under her thread expressing my frustrations and concerns.

I don't think I need to say much more. I shitposted on twitter and apparently it's vulgar language. Thousands of other people including pro players and streamers have done it, but nothing for them.
Below is all the "evidence" that Riot sent me. Feel free to look at all of them and find the VULGAR SPEECH that I used

Also thanks for leaking my full name. People from my SCHOOL are texting me about it :)


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