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24th Jul 2022 from TwitLonger

CP3D announces its closure

Hey penguins!

This isn't easy for us to write, but unfortunately we need to announce our last few plans at CP3D. CP3D will be closing. This decision was made because of the demanding time constraints all of us have in real life, and the uncertainty with Disney's intentions going forward. With regard to that, we wish to go out on our own terms with you all, and not out of the blue from unexpected legal notice.
So, we've been developing a party for a few months now, and the fact that it's taken so long speaks well that many of us can't keep up with CP3D anymore. We plan to have one great big party with you all, and we'll be signing off after that. More details will be announced as the party nears completion. Thank you all for your support thus far.

Stay tuned, and waddle on!

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