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20th Jul 2022 from TwitLonger

A data loss has occurred due to a huge flaw from our server-provider. This took a while to resolve due to the fact that we had to restore the data manually, because the backup system from our provider was also lost in the same breach.

Almost all the data has been recovered, and the website is available again. We will keep recovering data as the website is online. The data that is still lost is the player-stats from a few matches (which will be resolved today). But more importantly, all the teams that signed up for Season 6 must re-enter again. That is the only loss that we can't manually recover.

The past days have we implemented a more stable, and secure backup-system to prevent this from happening again. We have also switched to a more reliable provider.

TLDR: Everyone that has joined Season 6 must re-enter again. If you find any errors or data that is lost, please contact us on Discord, Twitter DM or Live-chat.

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