My Community Free Mental Healthcare Program (Please read all)

Announcing the Community Care Program, a partnership with @Trainwreckstv and Rise Above the Disorder focused on providing free therapy to creators' communities. Together, we eliminate the major barriers surrounding therapy: cost and ease of access.

Helping to bring Trainwreckstv's vision to life, we collaborated with Trainwreck to launch the Community Care Program. With a generous donation of $350,000 USD (roughly 12,000 therapy sessions) to his community, we are honored to have Trainwreckstv be the first creator in this program and pioneer a new way that creators can give back to their communities.

The Community Care program focuses on helping people start therapy with licensed mental health professionals practicing empirically researched methods of therapy. Therapy remains the most effective means to address the majority of mental health issues, but difficulty finding a therapist or being able to afford therapy have been a major barrier. At Rise Above The Disorder, we help eliminate that barrier entirely.

Creators who are interested in being a part of the Community Care Program have the option to either donate or fundraise the cost of therapy sessions. Creators will only be fundraising or donating for sessions that are redeemed for their respective communities. Members of your community that are ready to start therapy, will be connected with their ideal therapist by Rise Above The Disorder - anywhere in the world. For those without insurance, this program will cover the cost of therapy for you entirely. Everyone deserves easily accessible mental health care.

What’s being provided from us:

Access to professional mental health care through Rise Above The Disorder, regardless of cost, location, or insurance.

A 24/7 Discord Bot (Twitch and YouTube Bots tentatively in the works)

Community members can DM the bot to be securely & privately connected to mental health professionals at Rise Above The Disorder.

Moderators can react to messages they’re concerned about to have the bot log the message and send it to Rise Above The Disorder’s mental health professionals for support.

The bot will directly let Rise Above The Disorder know which member from which community is requesting therapy from so we can track funds received from the creator for their program once the member is enrolled and receiving therapy.

How to start therapy:

Members of the community can then start therapy in just three steps:

DM the bot to receive a link to our secure & private scheduling platform.

Talk with a mental health professional at Rise Above The Disorder about how you’re feeling and what you’re looking to address in therapy.

Start seeing a therapist, personally matched to you.

For members of the community who don’t have insurance, who are under-insured, or otherwise are unable to afford therapy, Rise Above The Disorder will pay for therapy sessions on their behalf.

It’s critical to both Trainwreckstv and Rise Above The Disorder that this program is as transparent as possible with funding. On a sliding scale dependent on a creators metrics, Rise Above The Disorder will require a separate administrative fee to help bring on additional mental health professionals. This is separate from the donation or fundraising which are used entirely to cover therapy sessions for members of the creator’s community.
The reasoning behind this is because we are a non-profit organization and it costs money to afford our care team to run this program on creators' behalf. The administrative fee will go directly in making sure we have enough mental health professionals in our care team to ensure a smooth process in connecting your community to mental health services from us. We believe in fair pay, not overworking our staff, and making sure we have a quick turn around time in connecting everyone to their ideal therapist by having enough staff to handle the influx of applicants.

Please note that we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit so your donations to us is tax deductible.

Depending on the creator’s viewer base, therapy sessions cost Rise Above The Disorder, on average, between $35-$75 per week. Although there are no-limits on the amount of sessions we will cover for someone in need, the average time spent in our program is 4 months. The effective average spend before someone is no longer in-need of our financial support to be between $700 & $1,500. The current funding for this program is roughly 12,000 therapy sessions, generously donated by Trainwreckstv.

The spending and use of funds in this program will be closely monitored and reported, with annual audited reports posted to

In regards to data and security, Rise Above The Disorder takes the privacy and security of others seriously. Although we’re providing multiple ways for members of a community to start the process of seeing a mental health professional, all communications will take place within a seperate, secure platform. No clinical or personal information will be requested on/or shared across Discord, Twitch, YouTube, or any other platforms we may advocate the program on. Information collected on our separate, secure platform will remain confidential and be protected by HIPAA. At no point will clinical information or information that could be used to identify someone be shared outside of Rise Above The Disorder. At no point will the creators funding this program have access to the clinical, personal, or other information that could be used to directly identify someone.

At any point, users may request information shared with Rise Above The Disorder be deleted. By default, information needed for Rise Above The Disorder to provide mental health services will remain in our system for up to two years before automatic deletion.

Frequently Asked Questions:
This program says it only works with licensed mental health professionals. What are licensed mental health professionals?
Licensed mental health professionals are qualified, monitored, and approved to practice by a state (or equivalent) licensing board. This may include Psychologists, with a Psy.D or Ph.D, Psychiatrists with a M.D or D.O, Social Workers with an LCSW, Marriage and Family Therapists with an M.A or M.S, Licensed Professional Counselors with an M.A or M.S, and Occupational Therapists with an MOT, MSOT, OTD, or Ph.D.

Is there a limit to the number of therapy sessions that are covered?
There is no limit on the number of therapy sessions covered when in our program in general. In regards to the community care program, we will continue to cover the cost of therapy even if funds are depleted from the respective creators care fund if you qualify to have it completely covered. If you do not qualify we will instead help cover a portion of the costs or completely cover if you cannot afford it even with the portion covered by us.

I’m located outside of the U.S. Can I still use this program?
Yes. This program is available internationally. We have helped people in 134 countries so far and counting.

How do you determine who will have their therapy paid for?
Rise Above The Disorder has a dedicated social work team that will review proof of financial hardship. Our team wants to help everyone access therapy and will make every effort to help someone.

Who can apply for therapy?
This program is open to anyone within the community of a creator who has joined the Community Care program. We’re aware people may temporarily join a community to have access to this program, and that’s entirely okay.

What won’t this program cover?
Because this program only covers empirically researched psychotherapy, practiced by a licensed therapist, we may not cover all methods of therapy, such as experimental or naturopathic methods. We are also presently unable to support residential in-patient services or court mandated requests.

I have lots of questions!
And we have answers! Please visit to send us a message with any questions that you may have or to get in touch on how to be involved in the community care fund.

- Trainwreckstv & RAD Team

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