Upcoming website changes

Hey guys, Jack here.

There will be a bit of a change happening on the website (likely next week).

I've spent a lot of time on this website, and I'm not planning to stop anytime soon. My dream is to be able to completely support myself financially with it. Maybe even employ someone to help me full time. And on top of that, the server costs are constantly creeping up too from storing literally every test result ever taken (we are up to 200 million) and handling an increasing number of requests.

To make this dream a reality I've decided (among other things - more on those in the future) to change the ads from an opt-in format to an opt-out format. This means that one ad on the result page will be enabled by default. On top of that if want to support the project without donating money directly you will be able to enable more than 1.

The important bit to take away is that by default - there will be no ads on the typing page and that they are still optional. Monkeytype aims to be the best typing website for user interface and user experience, so putting ads on the typing page would be terrible.

Hope you understand my position on this and thank you for the continued support.

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