This is from me and only me

In your career, you never think you’ll be making one of these… It’s always someone else, but you never ever think that it will end up being you. But here I am. First and foremost, I am sorry. Not sorry I was exposed, but sorry because I should’ve known better. I can’t hide behind my age or cluelessness for leaving a word like that in my vocabulary. It shouldn’t be in my vocabulary at all. As an adult, I should know better. I had all the information in front of me for knowing better and still chose to act wrongly. For that, I am sorry.

To the Fortnite community and the community that’s given me a platform and a voice, I’m sorry for acting in this way. I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to be an example, a role model and arguably a decent human being and chose not to. I chose to put myself and everything I represent in jeopardy by being immature. I am ashamed of myself and my actions.

To those that I’ve offended, I am sorry. I am not racist, but chose to allow a racial word into my vocabulary. I should know better. I can’t say enough how preventable this is. I am sorry for my deep disrespect and disregarding the true nature and history of that word. My willful ignorance is inexcusable.

Somewhere along the way I let my ego get the best of me. From 2021-2022, I went from being “Nice Guy Cented” to writing a twitlonger. Ego fueled, I made a lot of enemies. Rage tweeted some things, sent some angry dms. I think I lost myself at the height of my success, in the pursuit of greatness. I’m sorry for letting you all down. I said something for shock factor… something that should never be said, and I am deeply sorry.

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