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2nd Jul 2022 from TwitLonger

Hey all,

Yesterday, Sucker Punch Productions made a statement, quote:
"With our focus on our current project, we have no plans to revisit inFAMOUS or Sly Cooper right now, and no other studio is currently working on projects related to those franchises either. These characters are very special and near and dear to our hearts, so while we’d never say never to re-opening those doors down the road, for now there are no inFAMOUS or Sly Cooper games in development.".

In other words, there are NO Infamous or Sly Cooper games in development at Sucker Punch or other studios. After seeing this, I decided it was time to move from the "insider" scene.

First of all, I wanted to talk about Infamous and Sly. In March, I made a tweet saying that I corroborated the rumors. It wasn't crap I did myself, a source came to me, gave me ways to trust him and gave me other information including the delay of Forspoken, new Hogwarts Legacy reveal in March, the fact there wasn't any PlayStation Showcase until September and a few other things I haven't said publicly. I do think he is a reliable source THAT HAS reliable sources, that's just proxies. Although Sly & Infamous has been officially confirmed as false if Sucker Punch is not lying. For Sly he told me that he was confident and promised me that it existed and that an announcement would be made soon, weeks ago. Here is his reaction to yesterday's announcement: (

Now, I will tell how I started my "leaking career" 😂 :
I was monitoring Quantic Dream websites for a long time to try to get a chance to leak a game early. That happened I think on December 2/3 of last year I leaked 2 images of Star Wars: Eclipse (I'm pretty hyped about it btw) that were on Quantic Dream website backend (now deleted).
When Star Wars Eclipse was revealed at The Game Awards 2021, a few people made reddit posts and shared my account because of my leak, I gained a lot of followers. I continued "leaking" Quantic Dream info, including a game based on The Dark Sorcerer; I got the info that Quantic Dream was building a humor based game in a fantasy world by Tom Henderson himself in DMs. Though, it was confirmed untrue a few days ago in an interview with Quantic Dream's CEO David Cage: (
To be honest, I think Quantic Dream other AAA game is a stylized competitive multiplayer one developed by QD Paris Team.

I leaked that the Star Wars game from Skydance New Media was codenamed "Project Walton", which was 100% real. And that it is based in original trilogy, which I can't 100% confirm but that's likely in my opinion.

The Marmolade made a great TwitLonger here though a few things are untrue: (

I still thank my community that supported me. I have something to say: don't trust anyone on the internet even if he has a good trackrecord.


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