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21st Jun 2022 from TwitLonger

Important information regarding future tournaments

Hey there! I know this may come off as something random or unexpected but I’ll be taking an indefinite hiatus from competing. I’ve been struggling a lot with mental health this past few months and it’s only been getting worse. I was very hesitant on even attending this tournament (Gimvitational) because I knew I wasn’t in the right state to compete but thought I could just play as usual and it would be fine, I also felt like I “had to do it" and somewhat felt forced to go and compete. I however realized I wasn’t ready to compete as before when I started having a terrible anxiety attack before my match vs kola/ferps, along with feeling very tired/fatigued and overall very demotivated throughout that weekend.

Before you say I’m only saying this because I underperformed at the gimvitational , I’ve been feeling this way since genesis (or probably slightly before that), I constantly ignored because I thought it was just a one time thing and/or it would just go away eventually, but it’s only been getting progressively worse. I thought having a month break was gonna help (hence one of the reasons I didn’t attend anything back in may) but it was still the same thing.

With that being said, I will not attend Double Down, and most likely will be skipping Smash Con, GOML, Rise N Grind and whatever tournament is happening in the next few months(unless something changes which I doubt). I’m still planning on attending Smash Factor but will most likely only attend as an spectator.

I of course won’t give any more details of what’s happening, but I hope you can understand. Hope eventually I’ll be able to come back stronger than ever ! For now I’ll be staying away from competition and social media to focus on my mental health.
Thank you for reading <3

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