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18th Jun 2022 from TwitLonger

Thank you to these FORMER GFUEL partners and affiliates who have made posts:

Thank you to the following people for recognizing what is going on at GFUEL and knowing that they need you more than you need them and putting People before Product. I and my former colleagues appreciate you so much, adding your credibility and risking your income for their sake. Some of these people were with GFUEL for MULTIPLE YEARS, and that is not an easy thing to decide. Some WORKED for multiple years to even be recognized and signed in the first place for their codes.

Hopefully those reading this see the huge number and think for a moment about how important their Partner Managers must have been to them:


That's only 75 people that I happened to catch. Apologies to those I missed. Many more customers or creators saying they will no longer support. Many other partners saying they need an explanation ASAP or they're out when they can be out (contracts are fickle, don't blame creators for making their best decisions). Please RT this if you think GFUEL's strategy of silence is bogus and you side with the people who built the partnerships program. Thank you for reading!

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