Follow up from last weeks ask val response

Last week I said we needed to get better at giving y’all more reasons to get excited with us about the future of Valorant so here’s a good place to start.

Going to clarify first: we want in-game replays, they will happen but are taking longer than we want— can’t give you anymore than that yet. I know it felt like there is general lack of visibility, but I spent this week looking at what's coming in ep5 and ep6 and i'm excited to see the next map getting close to ready, dm changes, balance passes for multiple agents, new mode work and of course how close the tournament system is to an internal beta.

There’s more in the pipes and all of the teams are super eager to share more details, just waiting for clearer timelines and details for when. The devs are all super passionate about the game and the community and want to talk more about what they’re doing. The biggest thing we’ll be focusing on is making sure our teams feel confident in sharing openly and frequently with the community so we can all get more comfortable being in this together. Less no, more yes :)

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