Starkyy · @GX_Starkyy

26th May 2022 from TwitLonger

About The team

As you guys mightve already got to know that the team has cut short on their contract due to payment issues from India to Singapore. Let me clear off first that, we haven't scammed them in any way and they will vouch. We've had delay with payments through apps, we tried PayPal but the taxes were too high so we decided to go with wise which was way cheaper. We couldn't do direct bank to bank due to remit issues so that's out of the picture. I tried my best to make ends meet but it wasn't meant to be. The players lost faith in the org due to payment delays and they took to decision to leave, which I respect. I understand it's my responsibility to make sure they receive payments at the earliest but bank issues were out of my hand. I have all the payment records of their salaries etc if you think we scammed them. I hope nothing but the best for all the players. Love you guys, until next time. I'm gonna go on a long break and relax now, peace.

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