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22nd May 2022 from TwitLonger

World’s Race

I saw PV posting about me and Jakub’s match last PT and wanted to just let everyone know what happened.

We finished game 1 but had a sideboard bug, so I DMed admin and they said to hang on, then I got a DM from a different admin to please send screenshots of how much time was left on each of our timers, then to concede the match and restart and concede game 1 and go to sideboarding (this is the standard and always has been for SB bugs)

And of course, the timers from game 1 carry over but I just made sure to confirm with admin the timers that we would each time out at (he used 12:37 in game 1, so he would time out if his clock fell below that, and I used 7:51 so I’d time out if my clock fell below that. Admin confirmed this and I will post all of these DMs with admin as well.

Anyway, it’s game 3 now and it’s close but I’m ahead. However he’s playing very slowly and he’s under 2min left. He has a hall of the storm giants but I’m WW and we are both low life totals. I could have played aggressively (correctly) and been a huge favorite to win the game, but I knew he would not have time to kill me if I just played extra safe.

He continued to play slowly and he timed out. I sent the admin the screenshot of his timer confirming that he’s timed out, the admin said yes he’s timed out, I will contact him.

I just roped for a bit and DMed Jakub on discord and melee letting him know he timed out.

He never answered, I clicked through a few more turns and I went for a lethal attack but he had drawn removal and got to survive then attack me with hall.

I just told him ggs in melee and reported as a win for me obviously, he confirmed results.

Sometime later maybe 20-30min he messaged me saying “wait, you reported you won”

Um yes, I timed you out?

And that was about it.

Sometime either right before or during the next round maybe I got a DM from a different admin saying their was a communication error with admins and me and my opponent were playing to separate win conditions (apparently the admin never told Jakub we are supposed to keep our clocks from game 1?) so they are awarding us both byes.

I thought this was a bit crazy at the time, but I thought it was virtually the same thing for me (just lose the precious elo). Apparently it’s gunna effect the worlds race too now 😬

If they didn’t award jakub the bye then marcio would have a better shot to make it, for the people on 81 points like Luis PV etc it won’t matter bc Jakub had better tiebreakers anyway.

Hopefully Tangrams Zach and Shota all make top 6, then giving him the bye will end up irrelevant to the worlds race.

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