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20th May 2022 from TwitLonger

A week late

TL;DR at the end, long and boring stuff before that

Hey guys, late to the party. Just wanted to clear up some things from my end. Situation's basically played itself out and I'm reigniting it for no good reason. I figured it would be best to let the situation take it's course because I'd rather avoid social media altogether but seeing that things unfolded without the entire truth, I'd like to give more perspective on the affair.

Yes we worked on picking up Formal before Anaheim. Pre Raleigh we had some issues that never got resolved. We burnt ourselves out a bit playing too much but we got 2nd so hopefully that lights something under us to believe in the process. This wasn't really the case, our practices were getting hostile, we were beginning to give up on the foundations we had set (not just in game but out of game as well), and after watching Formal I felt like he was exactly what we needed to boost our interest in practice and morale.

I had always been walking on a knife's edge with Tyler knowing one wrong argument could lead to a fallout. With this in mind, I proceeded with the idea of not telling him in case it wasn't a possible move. Every person I brought it up to as an (of my best attempts) unbiased question told me not to tell him, even when asking people not involved. I talked to Formal prefacing that I hadn't told Tyler and it wasn't a sure thing, he said he was down. Management talked to Optic and couldn't reach a deal and so it was dead. As we're picking a good time to bring Tyler in, word gets out.

Tyler benching himself: Alright, this one is a doozy. It was obvious things weren't great the past few months but I figured enough time had passed that it was going to be fine. Got a call Thursday afternoon that Tyler didn't want to play with me. I said alright, understood, and offered up options on where I would move to and then heard he might move instead we (eU management) talked about his options too. There were so many different ways this could go, so many factors involved in it and instead of waiting and working and letting the situation play out, he benched himself prematurely Friday night doing a tell-all that ruins everyone's chances at figuring out what the best move is and all I can think of is why, besides knowing him, is a misunderstanding of how this works and a miscommunication.

First, he's not trapped on the team. There is a buyout in our contract. It's not a small amount but it was somewhat reasonable. Usually in these situations, the buyout is the max but there's negotiations based on the teams plans and whatnot. Tyler, being good at this game, would probably not get a lower buyout. Shit just lowering our cut of worlds prize pool by one place would offset how much eU makes from his buyout without considering what eU would have to pay for whoever we pick up. I'm saying all of this from a logistics point of view but as Halo players who have been through this for so long we were working on making everything right and barely 48 hours later Tyler forces his hand and now everything's weird.

What now? Honestly I have no idea. Tyler might not get bought out and stay on the bench until his contract runs out. He might get traded. I might get traded. The team could decide to want Tyler and I might get benched. Tyler might unbench himself and honestly I'd be fine with it. I know Tyler, and knew all of this could happen. He's a good Halo player and was a good, albeit scary teammate, for the past year. We could hash it out and work on forgiving each other or it could be irrepreable.

I wrote this up to clear some things up as well as point out how fucked everything can end up being because of the positions we're in. In my opinion, eU doesn't deserve the flack they are getting. There was barely a day and a half of work being done before we got to this position of everything being fucked.

TL;DR We(I) tried to see if we could pick up Formal without telling Tyler until we knew it was a possibility. Tyler shouldn't have tweeted anything about being benched, it makes everything so much more difficult to figure out.

Saying all of this, it's not all on him. I know I could have been a better teammate, as well as other teammates being better teammates, management could have presented everything better, and, as he said, we were on a downward spiral for a while. Pre-KC I honestly thought everything was getting better. Team was getting a bit out of the funk we were in outside of the game and it was leading to proper discussions in game. I was wrong, but that's ok. Living this life all situations are going to be weird and hard we just do what we think is our best and adapt accordingly.

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