Combo Breaker & EVO refused my participation

Greetings everyone, this is INFILTRATION.

I sincerely wish the best of your health and well being, as I look forward to meeting you all soon.
I had hoped that the given opportunity could have been as early as May, at Combo Breaker.
This has given me the motivation to train up for the tournament as I was counting down the days until my flight.

To my surprise, I received an email at 9 AM KST, May 20th, 2022, from the organizers of EVO.
The summary of the email was in regards to my consideration of my entrance to their tournaments.
In short, they are not allowing my entry to its tournaments and will process my refund.
While I was in shock to receive such information, I wanted to know exactly what were the checklists they’ve gone through to make their decision to stop my further activities in entering open tournaments.

But without proper explanation, all they’ve provided was a webpage link which shows their code of conduct.
And roughly about 6 minutes later, I’ve received a similar email from the organizers of Combo Breaker, with the same summary in regards to denying my entry to their tournaments.
Again, there was no explanation of my deeds that went against their terms.

For me, my last EVO entry was 3 years ago, back in 2019 and ever since I have not done anything conflicting in terms of actions that may
have shown signs of offense or hostility towards anyone or which influences their nature of tournament and events.
My last Combo Breaker entry was 2018 which was 4 years ago. Same in this case where I haven’t done anything to concern their events back then, and continued that way until now.
Without proper explanation, Evo and Combo Breaker has just forcibly applied their private terms to deny my entry.
Similarly, last year on July 1st, the organizers from Ten/0 created an online tournament for Guilty Gear Strive and my entry for that event was also dismissed with similar issues that they’ve created to deny my entry.
They failed to provide me with an explanation at that time as well.

2 years ago, there was an offline tournament organized by the Core-A studios for Granblue Fantasy Versus and Street Fighter V, which I couldn’t get invited to in their invitational.
I only was able to speculate about this decision, but later, one of their organizers had explained to me that
‘Our sponsor HitBox had made a condition to not allow Infiltration to enter this tournament in order to proceed with the event’.
There have been countless incidents where I was denied entry to enter any open or invitational events
without any sort of discussion or talk coming my way and forcibly blocking my entries from these events are a violation of my rights to be a participant.
If these one sided acts continue to occur, we’ll be seeing more and more players ending up as victims to these organizers.
While I am still in shock and frustrated, I rightfully believe that it can be sorted with a proper conversation.
I stand by the position where mature people can create and come down to a solution with discussions rather than shying away and ignoring the consequences by applying one sided judgments.
But ultimately, the mentioned events from the above emails were CEO, ECT, ICFC, EVO, Combo Breaker and I hope their organizers speak up and explain exactly what the cause of action is that has denied my entry.
Also from those organizers, I demand a proper apology that has caused financial and mental stress of my planning of various overseas trips to get to these events and reverse their decision of denying my entry.
I am not writing this for my own selfish greed, and is more for the better future of a healthier FGC and put a stop to this discrete tradition of slamming down on individuals without giving a proper chance to explain.
Please share this post and show your support for a more clear and open FGC, which is something I strongly believe will be a more positive community than it is now.

Thank you for reading.

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