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16th May 2022 from TwitLonger

T1 Curry

It cannot be put into words how GRATEFUL I am for T1 to have been the first organization in my pro career. I'm basically just going to show my appreciation for everyone that has been involved with where I am currently at.

Wawa: I haven't been on many organizations before T1 but the hospitality you provided to me as well as the rest of the players cannot go under the bridge. Anytime there was a problem or I was frustrated you were able to provide clarity to the situation and also provide perspective, someone I could always fall back on. As long as you and Joe are involved, I am sure great things will happen and the VALORANT team will make a huge bounce back from this years performance. Your determination to win is the same as mine and one day we will meet at the top. Don't let the haters bring you down #T1Fighting.

David: Having David not only as a coach but as a mentor has given my career a huge jumpstart that other young players don’t typically get. I went from studying Computer Science at Texas A&M University to playing for T1 all because David scouted me out from a dying CS:GO scene in North America. Coming into the team I had a lot to work on: controlling my emotions, game knowledge, routine, and mindset, which are attributes that 70% of these VALORANT Pros don't know how to control yet. He taught me how to truly hone these skills and is a huge reason for my recent performance in VALORANT. At first I wasn’t the best at controlling my emotions because I would rage and emotionally shut down during practices. We had countless meetings where I would vent all my frustrations team related and non-team related. The amount of improvement I have shown in the past year is not only a testament to how important mental strength is but how rare someone like David is. Despite the failures we endured on T1 together, David, we learned a lot from the experience and I can not be more grateful for your guidance. I am now able to say with the utmost confidence that I am ready to compete at the highest level in esports and Cloud9 has given me the opportunity to do so. I wish you the best of luck in whatever you choose to pursue next.

Joe: Usually you would think it would be scary to talk to your CEO and you need to be well-dressed / give a good impression. Yea I didn't do that the first time we met, I pulled up to the G4TV facility with 5 inch liners and a t-shirt but at least I got the attention of my CEO. Jokes aside, you really believed in me as well as the rest of the people on T1 and I am so sorry that I wasn't able to give you guys the wins. T1 as an organization is very well-ran and really only wants the best for its players and allowing me to go to Cloud9 really fucking proves it. You and Wawa have treated me so well and that is something I will never take for granted.

Tim, Saya, Tyler, Sam, Brax, and Anthony (Dawn): You guys didn't get the best version from me and that will always be my #1 regret. I know we didn't get to advance past the closed qualifiers with our rosters but I can say that both of these roster's true potential wasn't even close to what was shown to the public and I can take some of the blame for that. I wasn't ready to be a true leader and it showed after Sam left. I wish you guys the best of luck in whatever you guys choose to pursue.

Josh N. , Zander, Johann, Josh V., and KC: The vision was to be able to pick up young upcoming talent and develop you guys into players who could compete at the highest level. Obviously we didn't achieve that goal but I don't want to say we completely failed. The amount of improvement shown by each of you was amazing and when we were on our A game (in scrims), we could win it all but we just were not able to show that in our matches. I had my doubts about a roster change happening in the middle of the season because the problems we had within the team were deeper than that but it doesn't really matter anymore. What does matter is that both Johann and KC are going to grow up to be phenomenal players and this is just the start of their careers. I am glad I was able to be apart of the beginning of your careers.

TLDR; I appreciate everyone that was a part of my journey on T1 and I am looking forward to playing with Cloud9 moving forward. Time to catch some wins this time around :D.

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