Benching myself on eUnited

Shedding some tears as I type this.

As the title states, I'm officially on the bench. I'd like to make it clear that I have put myself here and it was no one else's choice but my own.

Before I dive into it, I'd like to make it clear it has absolutely nothing to do with the fine debacle either. That is completely separate and has absolutely nothing to do with anything.


Leading up to the release of Halo Infinite I was extremely excited to be a part of this organization and a part of this roster. I knew if we put the time in we could win. We showed that at Raleigh when we finished 2nd. We grinded harder than any other team and obviously we fell short to C9, but ultimately we showed up. Moving forward from the event I was still super excited and confident in my team and I truly felt we could win a tournament together.

Fast forward to two weeks before Anaheim, just days before the roster lock. I get a random text from Nick at 3 AM asking why we're trying to drop him. I'm like... what are you talking about? Come to find out Ryan is trying to have him dropped for Formal. eU management is going along with it as well.

I lost full. I couldn't believe such a big change was being done without my knowledge and without my permission. I was baffled. I basically told everyone involved that they were all unbelievable. We just finished 2nd at a major tournament and we were making strides and two weeks before an event you try to have a player replaced without my knowledge or permission? My duo, nonetheless?

Ever since then the entire dynamic of the team has taken a hit. We have little to no faith in each other, trust is out the window, our chemistry downhill, our team play, everything. It has shown. We've gone from 2nd, to 3rd, to 4th. To be honest with everything that has happened I don't even know how we got 3rd or 4th at Anaheim or Kansas City.

After Kansas City ended, I've received offers from multiple teams. Now it would be one thing if I was just trying to up and leave the team because I wanted to leave and that was the only reason. It's not. I cannot continue to carry on and perform under such egregious circumstances. How do you expect me to perform with turmoil and the team imploding? There's no player that I could envision coming to eUnited that would make me comfortable with the team dynamic and now knowing how eUnited management is treating me + putting me in handcuffs I will not be forced to play on their accord. I play and I compete on my own accord, nobody else's. I will not be forced to continue playing with a team in a downward spiral. It's not good for mine, or anybody else's mental.

One team I would like to go to and they're even willing to buy me out but eUnited is holding me. They plan on holding me until the end of my contract and not letting me go anywhere. So there it is. I decided to put myself on the bench in order to save myself from unplayable circumstances. I want to win. I want to perform to the best of my ability. I cannot do it under these circumstances.

To Nick, you're a god especially for continuing to play the way you have after what you went through.

Tim, you've been nothing but a pleasure to team with in every aspect.

Ryan, you are beyond intelligent and I have learned a ton from you. However you need to learn to stop shooting yourself in the foot and sabotaging teams. You have done this on countless teams you have been on and it's worked out the same every single time. I truly hope you have learned.

Kyle, appreciate you stepping in and coaching and consistently having my back on a plethora of topics. You've been a phenomenal coach and getting to know you was incredible.


I am sad that this is what it has come to. Truly. I believed we could have taken it to the top, but in the end people's words and actions caused an implosion.

I truly do not know what this means for my career. I am going to be watching from the sidelines for the foreseeable future until my contract expires which is seven days after worlds in October. This means I will not be able to compete in any of the online pro series, the HCS NA Super, Orlando, or Worlds.

My pay is significantly reduced to an unlivable wage. But you know what, I stand firm in what I believe in. I will not be strong-armed into playing. To all of my fellow competitors I will be cheering you guys on from the sidelines. Kick some ass and I'll be shooting back at you as soon as I can.

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